Monday, December 31, 2012

The Resolution 2013

The Resolution 2013

I DO solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, wife, and my children.
I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.
I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me.
I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.
I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.
I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.
I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.
I WILL forgive those who have wronged me, and reconcile with those I have wronged.
I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.
I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His Word, and do His will.
I WILL courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life and for His glory.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15

Thursday, December 27, 2012

LRB 365 Sample Workout

So I got the book Strength, Life, Legacy written by Paul Carter, who I follow on his blog is  Paul has great insight on working out and life - any of the stuff he writes is worth the time to read.

I wanted to try out some of his workout templates during my holiday break.  So, completed one this morning (one word = brutal!).


Squat - Strong-15 (using 200# as goal wt. - might look to lower this so I can focus on my technique)

5x100#, 4x115#, 3x135#, 2x150#, 1x155#, 1x165#, 1x175#

Pause Squats - Strong-15

2 x 5 @ 115#
*Note:  Really want to work on getting solid full squats completed.  Up to this point I have been doing box squats which I think hurts my overall range of motion, so I will need to check my ego and drop the weight quite a bit on squat.  At least until my technique improves.

DL - Strong-15 (using 290# as goal wt.)

5x115#, 4x145#, 3x175#, 2x200#, 1x230#, 1x245#, 1x255#, BO 3x3 @ 200#

Leg Curls (standing single leg)

4 x 20 @ lowest wt. possible - my hamstrings were crushed this time in the workout.

Overall, I like the challenge - I will need to really look at the selection of weights so I'm not blowing myself up early on in the program.

12.28.12 - Back & Biceps

5xAMAP chins (14, 10, 8, 8, 5 = 45 total reps)
4x20 @ 60# db rows
4x20 @ 60# db shrugs
4x20 @ 20# db curls

My legs are fried from yesterday's workout - especially my groin and my butt.  But, I love it b/c I know I worked them well and this should lead to growth/strength.  Haven't really felt sore after a workout in a long time.  Today's work was solid - the volume and higher reps is new for me so after about 10-12 reps the rest are a bit of a test - which is awesome!