Monday, September 17, 2012

C6 W4 - Deload Week - 1RM

Monday - MP

shoulder mobility (including lacrosse balls)

warm-up:  2x55x5, 2x65x5, 75x3

5/5/5:  55x5, 65x5, 75x5

1RM:  2x95x2, 135xfail, 125x1, 130xfail

125# 1RM - back in spring 1RM was 110# so 15# in 6 months isn't too bad.  I really want to get 135# up.  Nothing like having the 45# plates on the bar!

Tuesday -rest day (forgot my towel - realized on the way to the gym, so went home took a shower there and headed to school).

*Head cold and school are beating me down.  Going to take the week off from lifting and focus on getting quality sleep, diet, and mobility/stretching.

Will begin month 3 of BBB Challenge next week!  70% of TM!!  OUCH!!

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